muscle domination by female body builders pic

Mixed Muscle Wrestling

She's a hulking female body builder ready to kick some male ass and he's a guy who figures it won't be THAT hard to wrestle a muscle woman - WRONG!

He's about to find out what happens to any man FOOLISH enough to enter the wrestling ring with a muscle bitch bent on MALE DESTRUCTON!


Maybe Some Other Kinds Of Erotic Muscle or Wrestling?

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"One of the best female body builder wrestling experiences ever! Thanks!" - N.L.

"Seems a shame how badly she kicks his ass, huh? Oh, well, loved the action - MORE!" - S.D

"We girls love to see men getting their asses kicked bigtime in the wrestling ring! How many times at the gym have we been working out doing our body building routines, only to turn around and some guy is staring right at your ass? Good one, ladies! Do it some MORE!" - P.H